Currently, emergency shelter in Utah County is provided through a motel voucher system. Please be aware there is no guarantee this service will be available to everyone who requests it.

  • LDS Transitional Services (by Deseret Industries at 1415 N. State St., Provo,
    10-3 Tuesday through Friday) qualifies a people by clergy referral (the LDS branch president at the jail, a home bishop, or a local clergy member of any faith) to the voucher program, which is administered through Community Action Services. To access services, you must have a current photo ID. Your Utah County Jail release form will be accepted if you don’t have current state ID.
  • For people with children staying with them or who are referred by the LDS Transitional Services, go to Community Action Services (815 S. 200 West, Provo).
  • After business hours and on weekends, use the dispatch phone at the east entry of the Provo Police Dept. (48 S. 300 West) to make a request.

People of any gender who have experienced sexual assault or domestic violence may be eligible for shelter at the The Refuge Utah (24/7 hotline for sexual assault services 801-356-2511 or domestic violence 801-356-5500).

The closest emergency shelters are in Salt Lake County.


The Food & Care Coalition in Provo has rooms for transitional housing for both single men and women. Applicants must apply in person. Call to make an appointment (801-373-1825).

The Other Side Academy, located in downtown Salt Lake City, is a two-year therapeutic residential program for men and women who are transitioning out of jail or prison. Judges are also encouraged to consider the program as an alternative to incarceration.

Papilion Integrated Recovery Center is a transitional housing program for men and women who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.

The Red Barn Academy, located in Farmington, is a two-year life-skills rural residential academy for men.

For residential treatment and sober living options, see Treatment page.


The Housing Authority of Utah County assists eligible families with affordable housing.

The Provo City Housing Authority assists eligible disabled individuals, the elderly, and families with affordable housing.

Wasatch Behavioral Health clients may qualify for Supported Housing Services (801-373-7443).

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